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May 23 2018

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Some random junk I sketched today

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Quick little sketch tonight.

May 21 2018

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After having drawn a few things that take a while to finish, it feels good to draw something silly.
Like this silly thing.

May 19 2018

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Underground house.
Or would it be called a bunker?
Either way, these cutaways are fun to draw.

May 15 2018

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I always liked cutaway drawings,
so I figured I should make one.

May 13 2018

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Did yard work all day.
Was nice.

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This is my mom, @amybury.
She’s a great mom!
I love my mom!

May 11 2018

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Yeah, I don’t know.
I just enjoy drawing these tangled pipes.

May 07 2018

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haven’t drawn much past few days.
did sketch this though.

May 06 2018

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the boiler room

May 04 2018

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3 Tourists Find the Red Building

May 02 2018

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3 Tourists Find the Purple Buildings

April 28 2018

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quick sketch of paper birch trees because they are my favorite trees

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quick sketch of a cave because I like caves

April 27 2018

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3 Tourists Find the Orange Buildings

April 26 2018

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This is Blackbird. We’ve had her for over 14 years.
She’s usually too shy to let me get a photo but I was able to get one today. 😸

April 24 2018

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Haven’t had much time to draw.
I did make this, whatever it is.
A comic, I guess?
Anyway, how’s it going? Everyone okay?

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Colette was getting some aerial silks lessons from @lemonjenny yesterday.
She did really will! :D

April 21 2018

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Played some retro arcade games with the kids today.
Marble Madness with the trackball is the only way to play. (at Flynn’s Retrocade)

April 20 2018

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3 Tourists Find the Interchange

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