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February 06 2018

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slow zoom over 4 panels to two siblings staring at the sky. or a grandparent and child?

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Quick drawing of little people trapped in pods or bubbles or something.
Kinda feel bad for trapping them in here.
I’m a monster.

February 04 2018

February 03 2018

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huh, that’s nice

February 01 2018

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when I kinda hate everything I’ve draw today

January 31 2018

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It’s not really a castle, maybe a barracks? Anyway I kinda just wanted to draw all the little stones.

January 30 2018

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trees. several of them.

January 29 2018

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Thought it might be fun to take a marker to a drawing.
I was right, it was fun.

January 28 2018

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a sunset and hey it’s a nice one

January 27 2018

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Little place out in the desert

January 25 2018

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Sketching desert rocks in red pen is fun and I highly recommend it.

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Sometimes I have to try drawing something 3 times before I realize it’s time to abandon the idea and draw something else.

January 24 2018

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Same scene, only in pen.
And there’s birds now.

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Rocks in the desert are a lot of fun to draw.
Wanna try drawing it in pen later.

January 23 2018

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Sometimes I feel bed that the little people I draw usually don’t have arms or faces.
Then I give them arms and faces and I’m like 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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and then you’re like “why did I draw this? Is this some shitty metaphor with the climbing steps across falling panels? What’s with the red? Can’t it just be a dude going upstairs?”

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You ever been bored and then you’re suddenly looking at a comic you’ve just drawn and you’re thinking “the hell is this supposed to mean?”

January 22 2018

January 21 2018

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I was playing Zeldo and thinking “those skull caves are cool” and then I made this.

January 20 2018

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It snowed today so I made this.

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